I'm a tall girl who grew up in a small town in Wisconsin-- doesn't matter what town, it's just a town that's small-ish in Wisconsin, okay, whatever, it's Manitowoc, Steven Avery is my father. Just kidding. He's my ex. Just kidding we're still kinda together. Just kidding! Free Brendan Dassey. I've never met any of them. Ever. Except that one REAAALLLY WEIRD party in the woods. Just kidding! Brendan wasn't there. Okay, no really. I didn't party in high school. With them. 

I went to the University of Michigan and studied French and Anthropology (for like a couple classes while earning my BFA in Theater Performance). I moved to New York City, started working in bottle service. I might be the only living person to survive the bottle service industry and Steven Avery. I did a lot of theater, started focusing more on comedy: improv, stand up, began co-hosting a weekly comedy show that we ran for five years. I got a job hosting a show on the internets and started my own youtube channel where I still make videos TO THIS DAY. I moved to Los Angeles, where I live now. What else? I got married. I'm on a basketball team. I can't dribble, but I can run.