Beth Hoyt Interview - Brightest Young Things

"Ben Beckley is hilarious as the short-fused father; among the dozens of actors in the five plays, he is outdone only by Elizabeth Hoyt as his wife, whose deadpan delivery of some throwaway lines amid the chaos is just right." - New York Times

" This absurdist premise is brought to life by the cast, particularly Hoyt, whose facial expressions are priceless." - TheaterMania

"a fine performance from Elizabeth Hoyt, who transforms from cowering wife to latter-day Nora with grace." - Backstage

"Beth Hoyt channels some of Durang's most beloved neurotics as Jackie, a sweet woman who keeps falling for drug addicts. The sincerity of her delivery sells Durang's dry dialogue" - TheaterMania

"a wonderfully bizarre flight of lunacy as a woman with possibly the worst taste in men describes her bad luck with husbands." New York Times

"They have very little to do with one another except Durang’s trademarks: a breathtaking boldness with formal narrative and an ability to make human despair look hilarious. Hoyt especially excels at the tricky task of making her character’s chaos seem sensible." - CultureVulture

"The wrenching relationship insanity Durang knows so well pervades Triple Trouble with Love, three monologues for characters sunk in Cupid's abyss, including Jackie (Beth Hoyt), a relationship junkie addicted to junkies... Hoyt unfurl(s) his words to precise rhythmic hilarity—" TimeOut NY

"The “witch” in this tale is Sydney Black: popular prom queen, beautiful blonde, and captain of the cheerleading squad, she is every boy’s fantasy and every girl’s nightmare. Beth Hoyt plays her with wicked glee, capturing the essence of the nastiest mean girl you’ve ever seen. In a genius casting choice, Hoyt also hilariously plays Sydney’s laid back, dreamy boyfriend Brad" - Stage Buddy

"Beth Hoyt is deliciously vain and evil as Sydney and also gives a hilarious performance as Sydney’s rapper boyfriend." - New York Theater Review